Union Bank IFSC Code : Everything You Need to Know

Union Bank IFSC Code

Union Bank IFSC Code : Everything You Need to Know

The digital age of banking, knowing the IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) of your bank is critical for making free transactions. Amidst the excess of banks operating in India, Union Bank of India stands as a projecting player. Understanding its IFSC codes can make simple various financial dealings. In this article, we explore the significance of Union Bank IFSC codes and more so stay in and read to the end.

What is IFSC Code?   

What is IFSC Code?   
 IFSC Code

The Indian Union Bank IFSC code, is a 11-digit alphanumeric code that is used for online deposit transfer dealings complete with the NEFT, RTGS and IMPS. The IFSC code can be started on the cheque branch as long as by the bank. The Reserve Bank of India gives the IFSC codes to the bank. Not together with the cheque branch, you can also find the IFSC code on the official website of the bank. If you are with net finance to transfer money, it is fixed for the IFSC to arrive to recruit the transfer. Except there is a union, banks do not adjust or change the IFSC code.

How to Search for Union Bank of IFSC Codes?

Then you search for the  your bank branch. There are two steps to search your Union Bank IFSC.

  • Firstly in the offline mode you can also check your cheque book or passbook. Which has been given to you by your Union Bank Branch.
  • Then you can also search for online IFSC code of union bank you can them in best return
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Features Union Bank IFSC Code

Helps exclusively classify a exact bank branch

Helps remove mistakes in the fund allocation process

Used for all electric payment choices such as NEFT, RTGS and IMPS

Significance of IFSC Code:

IFSC code serves as an energetic section in electronic fund transfers, helping whole dealings across different banks and branches in India. It turns out to be a unique identifier, ensuring truth and safety in contacts. The IFSC code of Union Bank is imposing for starting transactions such as NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement), and IMPS (Immediate Payment Service). 

Structure of Union Bank IFSC Code:

Union Bank IFSC code includes eleven alphanumeric characters, helping different resolutions in monetary contacts. Let’s break down its structure

  • First four characters: The original four characters signify the bank code, allocated by the Reserve Bank of India. For Union Bank, it is ‘UBIN.’
  • Fifth character: The fifth character is always ‘0’, reserved for future use.
  • Last six types: These characters mean the precise branch code. Each branch of Union Bank has a unique code to decide it from others. 
  • Consider the IFSC code of a Union Bank branch: ‘UBIN0123456’.
  1. (UBIN): Bank code for Union Bank of India.
  2. (0): Used for future use.
  3. (123456): Unique branch code. 

Location Union Bank IFSC Codes:

Customers can easily find Union Bank IFSC codes at various stations. These include the bank official website, mobile banking applications, branch premises, account statements, and online IFSC code manuals. Also, RBI’s official website provides a complete list of IFSC codes for all active banks, including Union Bank of India.

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Use of Union Bank IFSC Codes:

Union Bank IFSC codes are used mostly for starting electronic fund transfers, such as NEFT and RTGS dealings. Whether transferring funds within Union Bank accounts to accounts in other banks, customers need to input the correct IFSC code along with receiver details to guarantee smooth deal processing. If you are with net finance to transfer money, it is fixed for the IFSC to arrive to recruit the transfer

Security Actions of Union Bank IFSC code:

The Union Bank, like other financial institutes, follows severe security actions to safeguard customer contacts. Encoding rules, secure attendants, and multi-factor verification devices are applied to defend delicate info during fund transfers. Also, Union Bank IFSC code observes with controlling plans set forth by the RBI to confirm the truth and safety of its investment processes.

Union Bank IFSC Code Format

A B C D 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Code for Bank Name 0 Code for Branch Name


The , knowing the IFSC code of your bank, such as Union Bank of India, is serious for full transactions.It can be found on your cheque book, passbook, or the bank official website. The IFSC code helps in exactly directing funds and is important for electric costs. It plays an energetic role in safeguarding the smooth transmission of funds across unlike banks and divisions in India, certifying safety and truth in financial transactions.
This is a unique alphanumeric code involving 11 characters that serves different purposes in economic transactions. The structure takes in the bank code (‘UBIN’), a reserved character for future use (‘0’), and a unique branch code. Customers can easily find  through various channels like the bank website, mobile apps, branch locations, and online guides. These codes are mainly used for electronic fund transfers like NEFT and RTGS, ensuring smooth transaction processing. Union Bank tools strict safety measures like encoding, secure servers, and multi-factor verification to protect client information during transactions, following RBI guidelines.


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