Travis Kelce: Lifestyle and Career, Ex-Girlfriend, Net worth, A Complete Overview

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce: Lifestyle and Career, Ex-Girlfriend, Net worth, A Complete Overview

Hello friends, we are happy to see you here. The great Travis Kelce was known for his play. Travis Kelece is playing for the Kansas city chiefs. Travis Kelce is a NFL player. Kelce becomes an inspiration for their lovely fans. If you also like football then you should read this blog.

Who Is Travis Kelce?

Who Is Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce is a NFL player, born in OHIO on 5 october 1989. Travis is a 34 year man who loves football. Currently Travis Kelse is playing for the Kansas city chiefs, At the position of Tight end.Travis Kelc was a great football player of america. Travis Kelcs started his football journey when he was in school. Who knows that a small boy from Ohio will become a successful NFL player one day. In 2013 Travis made his NFL debut. He is a 6 ft 5 inch long man with 113 kg weight. He is playing for Kansas city chiefs from 2013 to the present. Travis has dynamic playing skills. As time passed he changed his playing style.  Kelce has a strong social media presence.

Achievements of Travis Kelce

Travis was the great tight end of all time. Travis attained 9 times tag of “Pro Bowler” and 7 times “All Pro”.Travis is a fantastic player, he also won 3x super bowls LIV,LVII,and LVIII with his brilliant team. He also won 4x first team all pro, 9x pro bowl, first team all big east in 2012. In 2024 he won Athlete of the year award. Travis Kelcs has achieved multiple NFL records till now. In 2016, a dating show named “Catching Kelce” was very popular due to the presence of Kelce. Travis’s net worth was around $30 million.

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Qualities of Travis Kelce

Here are some qualities of Travis Kelce-

  • He is a great Tight end. He is tall also, a quality of tight end player.
  • He is Fashion passionate.
  • He has an ESFP personality type.
  • He was a great performer.
  • He was very friendly in nature, and cooperated with his team mates.
  • He is a multi-talented person.
  • He has good dancing skills.

Travis Kelce Wife And Travis Kelce Ex Girlfriend

Travis Kelce Wife And Travis Kelce Ex Girlfriend

Travis Kelce, the outstanding NFL tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is not yet officially secured the knot also. They both were together for five years from the year 2017 to 2022, and dating the sports journalist named and Travis Kelce ex-girlfriends, Kayla Nicole. They may have had their good times and bad and broke up and got back together at least once, in the end, split up. There were rumors that he was in a romantic relationship with TV presenter Zuri Hall, however the two have not publicly declared the relationship. Travis Kelc’s wife has no wedding ring on his finger as he is not married and very much involved with his job, enjoying the bachelor life to the fullest.

Family, Academics and Career

Travis Kelce’s born in Westlake, Ohio. His father’s name was ES Kelce, His mother’s name was Donna. His father was a sales representative in the steel industry, and his mother is a former bank executive. Jason Kelce was his older brother, Jason was also a NFL player. Jason has retired now. He comes from an athletic background. Kelce was an optimistic soul. Travis completed his high school degree from Cleveland Heights in Ohio. he used to play football and basketball both in his high school.

Travis Kelce completed his graduation from Cincinnati college in Ohio. In 2022 Travis completed his remaining degree and became an official UC graduate. Currently Travis Kelc is dating musical star “Taylor Swift”.  Kelce played 158 consecutive games. He received 3 touchdowns in a postseason game. Kelce is supporting various charitable causes. Travis dated Content writer Kayla Nicole but now she was his Ex-girlfreind only.

Travis Kelce Net Worth 2024

Travis Kelce Net Worth 2024

Travis Kelce is a football player who has won two Super Bowls and is wealthy. He plays football for around $14 million a year, but in 2023 his salary will grow to $11 million. He accepted up to $57 million in return overall from his agreement. Despite being rich and wealthy, he has the right to be happy with getting less cash than he is permitted to.

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I like my job, so it doesn’t bother me when directors reference that I don’t get paid for tasks. I make additional salary from extra ventures such as a podcast that my brother and I track together. We have some contracts with big firms like Nike and Amazon that help us make even more money.

Travis Kelce Net Worth Last 5 Years

Travis Kelce’s assessed net worth by 2024 $50 million. He has haunted this sum of cash since the earlier five years.

Travis Kelce Net Worth 2019 $8,750,000
Travis Kelce Net Worth 2020 $9,294,294
Travis Kelce Net Worth 2021 $11,805,872
Travis Kelce Net Worth 2022 $10,500,000
Travis Kelce Net Worth 2023 $12,161,755

Career statistics Of Travis Kelce

We understand the personal life of Travis Kelc and it’s time to know about his professional life-

Year  Team  REC YDS AVG TD
2023 Kansas city chiefs 93 984 10.6 5
2022 Kansas city chiefs 110 1338 12.2 12
2021 Kansas city chiefs 92 1125 12.2 9
2020 Kansas city chiefs 105 1416 13.5 11
2019 Kansas city chiefs 97 1229 12.7 4
2018 Kansas city chiefs 103 1336 13.0 10

These are the career stats of Travis Kelce of 6 years.


Great american pro bowler, tall and fit man whose passion is football. If you are also a football lover then you have knowledge about Travis Kelcs. He has a large fanbase. His fans love him alot. A young and active man who is playing for Kansas City Chiefs for almost 13 years.He is not addicted to any drugs according to medical reports.He is a tight end, offensive football end who acts as receiver.In 2023 he was selected again to the pro bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions on Travis Kelce

Q. What does the NFL stand for?

A. NFL – National football league.

Q. What is the total Net Worth of Tarvis Kelce till now?

A. The estimated Net Worth of Tarvis was about $ 30 million or Rs. 24,982,740,600.

Q. Why did Jason retire?

A. Due to lingering injuries. In an interview he said “The physical portion is at a point that it’s not a desire to continue to do”.

Q. How many matches has Travic played till now?

A. Around 159 games he had played.

Q. What is the pronunciation of Kelce?

A. KELL-see is the correct pronunciation of Kelce.

Q. What is ESFP?

A. It is a personality type, it stands for Extroverted, sensing, feeling and perceiving personality.

Q. Now Travis Kelce was single or not?

A. Travis Kelce is with Taylor swift and both of them are enjoying each other’s company, both are adorable couples.

Q. Who was Kayla Nicole?

A. Kayla was Travis’s ex-girlfriend as well as a famous content writer also.

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